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5 helpful tips for keeping your NOKO e-bike in perfect condition

Regular maintenance is the basis for the proper functioning of your NOKO! If you own an e-bike, our advice is to periodically check the health and status of all components. Sometimes a visual inspection is enough to understand if you need to replace a component or not; sometimes you will need to contact a professional bike mechanic.

With this short guide we will help you understand what are the aspects to consider when it comes to regular maintenance.

1) Basic cleaning

Cleaning your electric bike is the first step to keep it in order and to evaluate the status of the components. You should wipe up and dry all parts after an exit in a rainy day to prevent any damages. Any fouling, grease, mud, can damage your NOKO ebike irreversibly. To avoid this, you just need to always remove any dirt from the affected parts simply with a light jet of water and a sponge.

You can use specific bicycle cleaning products to remove the most stubborn dirt, but make sure they are not aggressive on the frame or other components. After washing, dry your bike with a dry cloth removing any trace of moisture… et voilà! Bike ready for the next ride!


2) Have all the components inspected

If you have recently purchased a bicycle, you should have all components inspected by a trusted bike mechanic to be sure they are working properly. The first general checkup should be done within about 30 days after purchase.


In addition, you should always inspect any parts, especially the braking and transmission systems. Before each ride, make sure that saddle, wheels, pedals are well tightened, as well as any accessories like mudguards, luggage racks, lights, etc.


3) Verify the braking system

For safety reasons it is good practice to check that the braking system is working properly. In good conditions, the brake levers will be rigid and snappy; less reactive braking and/or noise are signs that something is wrong!

For example, you may need to replace the brake pads. In this regard, the NOKO User Manual includes useful information on how to recognize any signs of wear of the brake linings.


4) Check the condition of tires and wheels

You should regularly inspect your tyres for peace of mind. Before each bike ride it is a good rule to check the air pressure of both tires, to avoid nasty surprises during the journey!

A deflated tire can affect the traction and make the ride of your e-bike less comfortable. In the absence of a barometer pump, take them to a mechanic to be sure they are inflated to the recommended pressure. The pressure is generally suggested by the manufacturer and indicated in PSI on the tyre side.


Finally finish the check-up of the tires by inspecting the tread. When tires are worn and/or have cracks on the surface, it’s time to change them! Tire wear depends on the frequency of use and the kilometers travelled, but in general we recommend replacing tires on average every 5000 Km.

What about the wheels? To easily check that everything is in place, you can place your bike underneath by turning a wheel. If you notice that a wheel is not centered, we recommend that you consult a professional mechanic to do the centering.
Continue the inspection by checking that there are no malfunctioning radius. Any broken or crooked radius will have to be replaced to prevent to prevent any pressure on the other.

5) Maintenance of the transmission system

  • Chain maintenance

The chain is a component subject to wear and after prolonged use, alas, you will need to replace it. In gravel models, for instance, it is generally changed after about 5000 Km, but in urban bike it can last even longer. This is obviously an indicative distance and factors such as maintenance and use contribute to chain wear.But with some tricks and a good regular maintenance, the chain will last to the maximum of its possibilities.

First you have to keep the chain clean with a special degreaser to remove dirt. After washing and drying the chain, apply a bike chain lubricant to the links. This step will preserve the correct chain and gearbox functionality. But be careful!The product must not end up on the braking surfaces of the discs and/or on the brake pads, or it may compromise the functionality of the brake system.


  • Belt maintenance

In NOKO Urban e-bikes with Split Belt from VEER, transmission maintenance is really simple and almost non-existent! You will only have to clean the belt with a sponge and simple water to remove the dirt. Unlike the chain, in fact, to clean the belt you will not need specific products but only water, adding a little mild soap to restore the most stubborn dirt.

The belt as the chain is subject to wear, but its life is significantly longer, up to 25.000 Km! After prolonged use you may see signs of wear on the belt or teeth of the pulleys. In these cases it is always better to have the components checked by a professional and replace them if necessary, to avoid system malfunctions!

These are our basic tips for regular maintenance on your NOKO ebike. If you might need our support, you can always send us an email to or WhatsApp us at +39 366 672 8767. We’ll be absolutely glad to help!



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