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Spring has sprung: 6 Tips for getting your e-bike ready!

We hadn’t said it yet, but… Welcome, Spring! For a few days now we have entered the most colorful season of the year. The flowers start to bloom, the weather is warmer, the days are getting longer, and it’s finally time to wake up your e-bike! 

The most daring cyclists certainly will not have given up their bikes even on the coldest winter days, facing the cold with the appropriate clothing we talked about . If instead, your e-bike has been in the garage for a few months, it is good to make a setup! Follow our advice and in a blink of an eye your e-bike will be ready to start again!

1- Inspect the brakes

Before starting with the use of your e-bike in the spring, first, check the correct functioning of the brakBefore e system. Better not take the risk of getting into trouble on the way!  Start by checking brake pad wear, brake lever pressure, and disc corrosion. In optimal conditions, the levers of the braking system are rigid and agile. If you notice less reactive braking than usual is a sign that something is wrong! Make sure the brake pads are still intact. If you hear loud noises, it may be time to replace them. 

With this first inspection, you can already see if something is wrong. But only an experienced mechanic can perform the necessary operations to adjust the braking system of your e-bike! 

2- Check the tire pressure

Regardless of whether you are one of the brave cyclists who hasn’t given up his e-bike even in winter, or whether you’re recovering your bike after months of hibernation, you should check your tire pressure. 


In particular, after months of inactivity, your e-bike tires will certainly be deflated. You can check by pressing your thumb on the clincher: if there is no resistance you must bring them back to the right pressure! This factor is important not only to ensure excellent road holding and avoid punctures. Indeed, tires deflated or with low pressure increase the friction and consequently the absorption of the battery. 

3- Charge up the battery

The battery of your e-bike is the energy that powers your adventures. To get the maximum performance from your e-bike at the first spring ride you will need to get your full energy! 

After a long period of inactivity (3-6 months) it is necessary to repeat a new full charge. Lithium batteries are thermally sensitive and can lose their life if left unused for too long. 

In winter and unused periods it is essential to store the battery of the bicycle or your e-bike in case of integrated battery in a warm and dry area. In general, the charge level should always be kept at about half, in this way you can optimize the life of the battery.

In NOKO e-bikes the charge level must always be between 30% and 60% during periods of inactivity. If you find that the battery of your bike is not able to fully charge or does not charge at all, contact our NOKO Customer Care team to ask for support.

4- Clean the electric bike

Keeping your electric bicycle clean is the first step to keeping it tidy and lengthening its lifespan. Before resuming the bike in the spring it is good then thoroughly clean each part so that dirt and dust accumulated do not cause problems to the components!

Uomo con nokoforza fuori la stazione

To wash your bike you can go to a bike workshop that offers this service, or if you prefer even you can do it. In this case, you will need a non-aggressive soap or a specific bike wash cleaner and a dry towel.

To remove stubborn dirt, such as for parts of the transmission, hubs, etc. you will need a sponge or a toothbrush. If you have a NOKO e-bike with belt drive, you will not need specific products to remove dirt from the transmission parts, but only water, and neutral soap if necessary!

5- Chain and transmission lubrication

Now your e-bike is shining and almost ready for spring! After washing and drying the chain thoroughly, apply a bike lube product to the links of the chain.

This step will preserve the correct chain and gearbox functionality. But be careful at this stage! The product must not end up on the braking surfaces of the discs and/or on the brake pads, or it may compromise the functionality of the brake system. 

If you are the owner of an e-bike belt driven, such as the NOKO City e-bike model, you will not have to lubricate the belt transmission! 

6- General check

A general check of all components is what it takes before each ride with your e-bike. This is a good practice to prevent problems that may arise during the journey and create some discomfort. 

Now that your e-bike is ready for its new adventures in spring, share your rides with us and tag us in your social media posts! We can’t wait to see all the amazing places you reach riding your NOKO e-bike! And if you’re still looking for the perfect new e-bike for spring, check out our range of e-bikes or ask the expert’s advice by contacting the NOKO Customer Care team.


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