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NOKO, a name resulting from a play of words “No Compromise”, was born in Sicily from the decision of the entrepreneur, who already operates globally in the automotive field, to build a beautiful and light Italian e-bike, combining the essentiality and cleanliness of the design with 'racing' components of the highest level. 

«The idea of an innovative e-bike, with higher technical specifics but at the same time elegant and practical has always fascinated me. To create NOKO, I combined the know-how of twenty years of experience from Jans Martin, who built the first electric bikes in 1998,  and with the experience in the car sector of the main company.» says the CEO.

Inspired by the very high-quality standards of the automotive sector, started working on this ambitious project 100% Made in Italy: from the R&D to the production of the frames, and assembly, all phases take place in Italy under high-quality standards. This is how the primordial NOKO was produced and tested, and how we continue shipping our product all around Europe.





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NOKO is a sophisticated Made in Italy e-bike for your daily commutes, being a cool, high-performance and eco-friendly solution to move faster both around the city and offroad. 

Our aim is to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding riders, through an e-bike that combines Italian design and cycling tradition with premium racing components for everyday use, delivering measurably better performance results to the rider. 

NOKO project focuses on the promotion of a sustainable mobility, attentive to the environment, pollution and energy saving, and provides the possibility to exercise, moving at the same time with faster tempos and covering greater distances. 

The project also contributes to the employment growth in the Italian territory, with the aim to continue investing in human resources, with the perspective of business growth.


NOKO is an internal startup of a larger and more recognized company, Tra.Fi.Me. S.p.A., which is the most prominent Italian industrial entity for fine blanking manufacturing. Established in 1967, Tra.Fi.Me.’s industrial expansion has involved various sectors: from the telephone sector, the electronic sector, to the automotive sector. 

Today, the company is specialized in the automotive sector and has become a supplier of major OEM world groups and also of vehicle manufacturers directly. Thanks to its extensive 50-years experience, Tra.Fi.Me. has continued its research and development activity and now serves a variety of industries..