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The Beeline Velo 2 navigation device is your simple, elegant companion for better bike rides.


The compact design looks great on any bicycle and the glanceable interface gives you all the information you need at a glance. Planning your route in the Beeline app couldn’t be easier, whether that’s plotting your own route or importing a GPX from elsewhere. By using Beeline Smart Routing you can benefit from the thousands of riders who have come before you using Beeline’s proprietary road rating system. Routes
  • Easily create the best route using the Beeline app and get riding in seconds.
  • Plan unlimited routes using Beeline Smart Routing TM.
  • Import a favourite route from other planners via GPX.
  • Access your Strava routes.
  • Stay on track with simple, intuitive turn-by-turn directions.
  • Quick rerouting gets you back on track in seconds. Even with no phone GPS signal, Velo 2 will point you back to your route.
  • Use compass mode to get off the beaten track. An arrow points to your destination giving you complete freedom on the path you take to get there.
Tracking & Analysis Monitor all key live metrics during your rides, including:
  • Speed
  • Average speed
  • Distance accrued
  • Distance remaining, time remaining and ETA
  • And more…
From your average speed to where you’ve been over the last year, all are automatically saved in the Beeline app for analysis.
  • Easily upload all your rides to Strava.
  • Share rides with friends/family via GPX.

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