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How to get fit on an e-bike: here are our 4 tips!

Cycling is a great exercise to get fit, bringing a lot of health benefits. But when it comes to working hard, that’s easier said than done. Cycling can be intimidating for some people, especially for those who are not very fit. You have to be willing to put up with the effort, sweat, and effort it takes. Especially when it comes to hilly trails, which are more difficult to ride, the chances of letting go can increase.

But what if pedaling wasn’t tiring? Getting around by bicycle is one of the best exercises for getting fit, and with e-bikes, training can become more fun and easier than ever. Thanks to assisted pedaling, anyone can cover greater distances and tackle any type of terrain, without the fear of not being able to complete the chosen route! Be wary of those who say that riding an e-bike is a way of cheating, it’s absolutely not like that!
If you’re thinking of getting fit with an e-bike, follow our advice and you won’t regret it!

1. Use the right level of pedal assistance

Pedal assistance makes e-bikes excellent training partners even for beginner cyclists. Most e-bikes on the market only have 3 levels of assistance. NOKO e-bikes have 5 levels of pedal assistance and are equipped with a motor that is activated only while pedaling. This will allow you to control and balance your pedaling, and decide the intensity of the effort yourself.

When we start a workout to get fit, we are often too ambitious and make the mistake of using a too-low level of assistance from day one. Or, conversely, using maximum assistance for fear of overexerting ourselves, the heart rate may barely increase. The solution is simply halfway!

Our advice is to start with a medium level of pedal assistance, and gradually lower it as you get fitter. With a little effort and persistence, we are sure that in the end, you will be able to complete the training even with an unpowered e-bike. In addition, NOKO e-bikes are just as smooth and light even when activating the neutral Eco level, thanks to their lightweight!

2. Include the e-bike in your daily routine

To get the maximum benefit from your e-bike and get back in shape, the first step is to start now and use it more often. You may not know it, but there are several ways you can add cycling into your everyday routine! Using your e-bike on most of your commute is key to getting good exercise on the way to your destination. Indeed, thanks to motor support, e-bikes can replace many urban journeys by car.

The ideal way to keep fit would be to pedal for at least 3 hours a week and increase the duration and intensity when trying to lose weight. The most convenient method of exercising on an e-bike is certainly the commute to work. If you have the ability to cycle to work, you’ll get more benefits than you think. Not only you will make a huge gift to the environment and you will have a big economic saving. But you can take the opportunity to get some extra exercise, making the journey to work less boring!

Another method can be to use your e-bike when you go shopping or to run your daily errands. Or, it can become a new habit to carve out some time for yourself and at the same time discover new places or meet new people along the way. Whatever your choice, you will certainly never get bored on an e-ebike

3. Increase the degree of difficulty

Constancy, sacrifices, and efforts always reward. Over time, you yourself will realize that your body wants to push itself beyond that limit. Try to make your workouts even more challenging by including some hills as an extra challenge! By overcoming what has been your limits until now, you will be more and more motivated not to give up.

Exercising on an e-bike encourages you to increase the difficulty level of your workouts because you know you have the option to switch to a higher level of assistance when you feel exhausted. In short, exercising on an e-bike is pure adrenaline. If you don’t have one yet, we advise you to hurry up and find the right one for you and start pedaling now!

4) Find a training partner

Having someone to share your e-bike training with is a great incentive to resist the temptation to take the car, or even worse, to stay on the couch. A friend to ride with and chat with on the way can turn a strenuous workout into something fun! Not to mention that it can help you change the direction of your thoughts to something positive when you need to. So group or family outings are welcome to collect indelible memories together!

By now you will have understood that the advantage of getting around by e-bike is that everyone can decide the level of difficulty they prefer! Keeping up with your super-trained cycling friend will no longer be an unattainable goal.

We of the NOKO team sometimes have a lot of fun training after work by pedaling with NOKO e-bikes. If, like us, you want to add exercise to your daily routine in a fun way, take a look at the range of e-bikes designed for you on Whether it’s a City, Urban, or Gravel model, any e-bike you choose will be perfect for getting fit. So what are you waiting for? Jump on your e-bike and start pedaling right away!


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