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5 good reasons why riding an e-bike will improve the quality of your life

If you are reading this article you must be wondering why you should get an electric bicycle. We will give you 5 good reasons to purchase an e-bike, but, before diving into these good reasons, let’s look at what an e-bike is!

E-bikes, also called pedal-assisted bicycles, are bicycles that due to the addition of a motor and battery assist and boost the pedaling. They are emission-free transportation; they rely on a rechargeable battery that can allow you to travel up to 25 km/h (in accordance with EU legislation). Now that we have a basic notion of an e-bike, here are the 5 good reasons to purchase an e-bike and improve the qualilty of your life.

1. It is suitable for everyone

The pedal-assisted bicycle is suitable for everyone! People of any age can enjoy and benefit from riding an e-bike! Thanks to the assistance provided by the motor, even those who are out of practice or are not in perfect shape can ride for miles without getting tired, and without sweating!


Contrary to what can happen with regular bicycles, with an e-bike you will no longer be afraid of taking that route that used to fright you, those hills that may look too steep or challenging terrain. With the assistance provided by the motor of an e-bike, you can push yourself beyond that limit and the result will be for you a pleasant discovery.

2. It’s a good way to keep fit

Getting around the city by e-bike is a great way to keep fit and add exercise to your daily routine, without even realizing it. Most e-bikes are equipped with a motor that is activated only when pedaling, which allows you to be in control and balance the ride if it is for leisure or for exercising.

You decide the intensity of the effort: increasing or reducing the degree of assistance based on the need, the type of path chosen, and the objective.

On your way to work? E-bikes have different levels of assistance, the most powerful one usually is called boost mode and will allow your e-bike to go full power with minimal effort! The motor will give additional power to your pedaling and allows you to reach the set maximum of 25 km/h without breaking a sweat!

Do you want to turn your ride with the e-bike into training? Choose a more demanding path by associating the ECO level, which relies more on your pedal force rather than the assistance of the motor!

3. Save time while having fun

Leave your car in the garage and forget about those days when you were stuck in traffic! An e-bike takes you from one point to another without the stress of urban traffic… and especially without worrying about parking! The journey itself will have a new sense of existing as a moment of your day and become a pleasant and fun riding experience.

But that’s not all! The fun aspect of the e-bike is that it has no limits on usage. Nowadays the market for e-bikes has grown exponentially which means that there are different models available to choose from. You can find an e-bike for every occasion: whether it is for the commute from home to work, for a ride in the fresh air, or to venture on trails surrounded by nature.

4. Save on CO2 emission … and money!

Getting around by e-bike is eco-friendly, and it will not only benefit yourself but also the environment. By replacing the car with an e-bike, you will eliminate CO2 emissions: a real impact of 0.
In addition, you will no longer have to worry about additional expenses such as gasoline and diesel, or finding and paying for parking, effectively saving time and money.

And not only. With the pedal-assisted bicycle, you can forget about insurance, road tax, and fuel costs. Simply recharge your e-bike from home at a definitely ephemeral cost. E-bikes batteries, depending on the level of assistance used, can last around 28 to 100 Km with a single charge, based on the level of assistance used.

5. It makes you happy

Cycling every day, regardless of whether it is: hot, cold, rain, or snow, is an excellent “gym” for your mind. It permits you to focus on yourself a little bit more, allows you to be a calmer person, and maybe helps you to better deal with situations of high stress.Over time you will realize that you have become a more resilient and positive person and, hopefully, will feel less overwhelmed.

In short, you will feel serene and happier. And why not, riding an e-bike does not have to be a solo moment. It can also become a special occasion to share your time with someone you love. Go ahead, ride with your special one, your kids, with friends, any way you choose to ride an e-bike, we promise you, it will always be a perfect time to enjoy life, the city, or the nature around you.

Here it is! We have told you 5 good reasons to purchase an e-bike, a choice that can certainly improve your life. But we do believe the benefits do not end here! Explore NOKO e-bikes and find out all the advantages that our Ultimate Urban E-bikes may offer.

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