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25 years of EuroVelo: discover Europe riding your NOKO along the beautiful routes of the longest cycle network of the world

Ah, travel … just saying the word makes us dream. And if you are already dreaming with your eyes open, maybe it’s time to plan your next trip, why not, by bicycle?

Europe offers many places to visit, cultures, landscapes, dishes, and traditions that vary from one country to another. But how to organize a bike trip at its best? Simple! With EuroVelo‘s cycling infrastructure, cycling through Europe will be a piece of cake!

The feeling of freedom that one feels when exploring new places by bicycle is something unique. Traveling by bicycle makes us rediscover the joy of little things. It makes us feel like children again, and allows us to see everything around us with eyes full of wonder. It means experiencing the journey to the full, discovering enchanting places that you would not see if traveling by car or public transportation.

On the occasion the 25th anniversary of EuroVelo, we want to tell you more about the most extensive cycle path network in the world.

What is EuroVelo and why will you like it?

EuroVelo is a project promoted by the ECF (European Cyclist Federation) with the aim of creating high-quality cycle routes around points of tourist interest in all European countries. To date, the cycle network includes 17 long-distance routes, which cross and connect the entire continent, for a total of over 56,000 km of itineraries! Once this work is completed, it will be more than 93,000 km. The network includes variable routes, from the most challenging ones to ride in MTB, to those for racing bikes and gravel, up to the quiet paths to ride in the family, also suitable for children.

In general, all odd-numbered paths travel across the continent from north to south, while even-numbered paths travel from west to east. However, there are two exceptions: EV10 circumnavigates the Baltic Sea, while EV12 follows the coast of the North Sea. Each itinerary, in addition to being identified with a number, has been given a name. Just to mention some of the most beautiful routes, “Eurovelo 2: Capitals route”, “Eurovelo 3: Pilgrims route”, “Eurovelo 7: Sun route”, “Eurovelo 9: Baltic-Adriatic” .

The project promotes the change towards a more sustainable and healthier way of traveling, encouraging a greater number of European citizens toward cycling. Those who travel by bicycle not only help the environment but also small and medium businesses. In fact, EuroVelo collaborates with numerous partners who offer exclusive services to those who wish to venture into this experience, such as facilitating travel arrangements.

Along the way, you will have at your disposal many services designed for the cyclist. For example, recharging the battery of your e-bike won’t be a worry because you will always find charging stations, as well as refreshment points, and much more along the route. You can find out about all the bike-friendly services here.


Most famous EuroVelo routes

EuroVelo routes are so rich that describing them all would be impossible. One of the most beautiful routes of the network is EuroVelo 17: the Rhone Cycle route. This cycling route develops along the river path of the Rhone, a stream that was born in the Alps in Switzerland. From the Alps, the Rhone flows into and crosses Lake Geneva, then enters French territory, until it flows into the Mediterranean Sea near Marseille.

Eurovelo17 is a real link between the Alps and the sea, a path full of wonders. Along the route you will cross reserves, nature parks, UNESCO areas, historic cities and villages of stunning beauty. In terms of ride difficulty, this path is within everyone’s reach! In fact, almost always you walk along well-paved local roads and little traffic.

Among the most famous routes there is also Eurovelo 7: the Sun Route, one of the longest routes of the network! Starting from the North Cape in Norway, it crosses Europe until you get to the island of Malta. Over 7.400 Km crossing Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy! And well, it is in Italy that the Sun route really begins to live up to its name, crossing the entire country from north to south, including Sicily. The route passes through many of the most famous cities in Italy (see the route map), before ending in the Sicilian town of Pozzallo from where ferries connect to Valletta in Malta.

Exploring Europe with NOKO

Whether you are a lover of dirt roads or city tours, NOKO e-bikes are the right companions for your next trip through Europe. If you are looking for off-road adventures, NOKOVULCANO is the ideal e-gravel model for tackling off-road paths, thanks to its tires that ensure you an excellent grip on the ground and a smooth ride. The SRAM Apex1 11-speed drivetrain proves to be the perfect ally for managing a modular range of specific ratios in all conditions, even on uneven roads, without sacrificing lightness and quietness!

For family outings, our advice is to choose a NOKO City e-bike or Urban e-bike, depending on whether you prefer a model with belt or chain drive. Your NOKO can be equipped with a luggage rack, so you can carry everything you will need during the trip! Thanks to its belt drive, you will not have to worry about the maintenance after traveling a certain number of kilometers.

To travel through the EuroVelo itineraries it is not necessary to follow a tourist guide, but you are free to venture out to discover the most hidden places or to leave the path to visit the cities and points of interest in the surroundings. The routes are intended for both locals and, of course, cyclists, who will be able to observe and experience everyday life just like a local.

You can decide to go through the various routes in their entirety or only in part, following the interactive EuroVelo map which indicates the major tourist attractions. Now all you have to do is choose the route you like best, prepare your bags and set off on your NOKO!


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