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How to choose an e-bike and find the NOKO that suits you best

Those who approach the electric bicycle for the first time, today can find such a vast offer that they don’t know how to choose an e-bike! The best thing is to contact a professional to help us find the most suitable product for us, to finally start a healthier lifestyle.

Many times at NOKO we receive requests for support from people interested in purchasing, or simply to learn more about the company and its products. The most common question is, “Which model would you recommend?” The answer is never obvious or random, and depends on a number of factors to be evaluated together with our Customer Service.

In this article we want to explain, one by one, what are the factors that most commonly affect the choice of a model rather than another. And if you still don’t know how to choose an e-bike NOKO, read to the end to discover all the details of the City and Gravel models.


The starting point is to know what you will use your e-bike for before buying it. These instructions are essential for the assistant who will guide you in choosing! So you’ll be asked some basic questions, like: Will you use your bike to go to work or university? For your daily or leisure trips? In the city or along paths surrounded by greenery?

According to the intended use, the needs and characteristics you will be looking for will change. For example, to ride at work or university you will need a comfortable city bike, complete with all useful accessories. If instead you want to venture on dirt paths, a sporty and responsive bike will do more for us.

Depending on the type of transmission you can choose between an e-bike with chain or belt drive. The chain drive is the most common; there is more variety of product and depending on the type of bike there are different transmission groupset. Belt drive is a newer system, more innovative and less “complex” in maintenance than chain drive. It’s usually installed in city bikes or touring ones for its ease of use and cleanliness.

Finally, we come to the price. Although last mentioned, it is often a starting point. Having a budget in mind for your purchase will allow you to narrow the search field. It is also true that, in this way you may risk excluding higher quality products, for which it is worth re-evaluating the budget. But don’t worry: an expert in the field will listen to your needs and direct you to the right product, with a good value for money!

At this point, you know how to choose an e-bike before buying. Let’s see in detail the NOKO e-bikes to understand which one suits you best.


The NOKO city e-bikes are designed for everyday travel, whether it is to go to work or university, to run errands or to shop. And why not, even for those who want to take a ride out of town on a wonderful day, away from traffic and smog! If you see yourself in any of these examples, you are in the right section!

The line includes two models, different for the shape of the frame but with same components. NOKOFORZA, the version with the classic diamond frame, is the ideal choice for those looking for a more dynamic riding style. NOKOTEMPO, thanks to the step-phru frame, offers maximum comfort, and allows you to get on and off the bike with extreme ease.

Switching to the riding position, choosing the flat handlebar you will feel the sporty DNA of the city e-bike. Or, if you prefer a more relaxed riding position, you can opt for the classic city riser handlebar. And then, it is so light that it doesn’t even seem like an electric bicycle. It weighs only 14.2 kg, almost like a muscular bicycle!

Both are equipped with a belt drive with tensioner: VEER’s Split Belt Pro. There are many reasons why this type of transmission is very popular. Not dirty, not maintenance required, and many other advantages we talked about in our previous article!

The two e-bikes are powered by the FSA HM 1.0 system, with hub motor and integrated battery. With a single charge you can easily cover your daily journeys, or up to 60-100 Km, ranging between five levels of assistance!

To conclude, you can’t miss those essential accessories to move in comfort! First of all the luggage rack where you can place your bags, or mount a basket to carry what you want. And of course, the fenders will protect you from splashing water and mud. In addition, if you usually use a sat nav, with the mobile phone holder you can easily control the route and drive safely.

And if even the eye wants its part, NOKO adds style, quality and comfort to your travels. The linear and elegant design makes it a commuting bike that won’t go unnoticed!



With its gravel e-bikes , NOKO has conquered a slice of sporty and adventurous cyclists. The gravel line debuted with the NOKOVULCANO model, and recently added the new-entry NOKOVULCANO EXTREME. If what you want is to connect with nature, challenge yourself and experience the moment, you may find what you’re looking for right here.

NOKOVULCANO is equipped with the SRAM Apex 11-speeds single crown groupset, ideal for road and off-road rides, without sacrificing lightness and silence.

Top-of-the-range racing components offer all the comfort, control and power you’ll need both in the city and on dirt tracks. We are talking about the Vision Metron 40 carbon wheels, tubeless ready and ultralight. Combined with Vittoria Terreno Dry tires, they maintain full control in any situation on the road, and on dirt and slippery paths.

The NOKOVULCANO EXTREME is the newest model in the gravel range. Its innovative aspect is the integration of a series of components in ultralight carbon to increase the performance of an already aggressive gravel bike, going even further beyond the limit.

The heart of the new NOKOVULCANO EXTREME is the FSA K-Force WE 12-speed electronic groupset and double crown that, combined with the ultralight carbon wheels Vision Metron 40, allow the rider a more aerodynamic and sporty ride. Total weight? Only 13.4 Kg.

Both the gravel models are also powered by the FSA HM 1.0 system. In addition, in all NOKO e-bikes you can add the Range Extender to double your adventures and travel up to 200 Km!

Extend the range of your NOKO e-bike

In this article we just told you the main features you need to consider to choose an e-bike. If you are curious about a NOKO model in particular, contact us at any time and we will answer all your questions! And in the meantime, you can have a look at the technical specs at in the e-bike section.

How to choose an e-bike and find the NOKO that suits you best


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