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NEWS: NOKO launches its Urban e-bikes with SRAM Apex Groupset and more in 2023

NOKO is bringing big news in 2023 with the launch of two e-bikes under its new Urban category. Inspired by the biker in search of more dynamic urban travel, NOKO has designed two urban e-bikes with a sporty DNA, to bring performance to the highest levels even in the urban context.

We will examine what the characteristics, specs, and differences are between the e-bikes included with the NOKO Urban category, which are already available for purchase.


Dynamic commuters will love the new Urban category

A year full of experiences, fairs, and international events ends with the arrival of the first two models of the new Urban e-bikes category: NOKOLIFE and NOKOURBAN.


Ebike nokobike life orange flat aluminium

The first NOKO belt-driven e-bikes launched in 2021 have been very appreciated by customers. But many of you asked for a NOKO urban e-bike model with a gearbox for city use, to be faster and high performing even in the urban context.

NOKO chain driven e-bikes from the new Urban category are now available for purchase. NOKOLIFE and NOKOURBAN are equipped with 11-speed SRAM Apex 1 groupset, to tackle any uphill climb without any fear and fatigue.

Urban green flat aluminium

On your NOKO, say goodbye to compromises and reach any destination you want with the Apex 1 Groupset. With its easy shifting, the SRAM Apex 1 transmission will definitely impress you. A clean, precise gear change is made possible thanks to its X-HORIZON geometry. Furthermore, the patented X-Sync technology makes the Apex 1 crankset silent and safe, ensuring maximum performance levels even in muddy conditions.

There is a wide variety of gears available from the Apex group. We have selected the following combination of gears specifically for NOKO e-bikes: 42-tooth front crown and 11-36 cassette.


Both models of the Urban category have the same technical specifications that you can consult in the product page. The only difference between the two e-bikes is the frame shape, which is step-thru for NOKOLIFE, and diamond for NOKOURBAN. Choosing one of the other is purely dependent on the riding comfort you want.

NOKOLIFE is available in sizes S and M, while NOKOURBAN also provides size L. Both are customizable with the accessories available on our website to complete the look of your e-bike.


New combinations of colors

NOKO novelties continue and the year’s end also brings new color combinations. The best part is that you will choose the frame-fork color scheme of your e-bike!

To do so, just go to the product page of your interest, for example NOKOLIFE, and in the configurator block select the main color, which will be the one of the frame, and one of the colors for the fork available.

Currently, all models in the categories Urban and City, as well as NOKOVULCANO, are available in green, orange and black colors. Now you simply need to choose your favorite model and color combos!


BARAMIND shock-absorber handlebar

Amongst the NOKO new options for 2023, another highlight is a component that will surprise you with its functionality. This is the shock-absorber handlebar of BARAMIND, the latest novelty available for all City and Urban models.

Baramind’s “suspension” handlebars are specially designed to absorb shocks and dampen vibrations on rough roads. With the integration of exclusive Flexbar technology, this handlebar offers maximum control and driving comfort even on uneven surfaces. In practice, the Baramind handlebars are flexible down and rigid up. The downward flexibility absorbs shocks while the upward rigidity ensures perfect handling of your bike.

We tested it on our NOKO and the result of the performance was a complete surprise. This handlebar made our pedaling more comfortable, even on dirt roads, basolato or cobbled. Aren’t you a bit curious to try it?!

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