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The Future Is Here: Explore the Latest FSA SYSTEM App Update

We are pleased to introduce the latest update of the FSA SYSTEM App, which will make your adventures with NOKO more extraordinary! The main goal of the FSA SYSTEM App has always been to maximize efficiency and usability while maintaining an intuitive interface. With this new version, additional features have been introduced to fully meet user needs.

In this article, we will explore the new and amazing features that make the riding experience with NOKO e-bikes even more exceptional.

Improved Performance with the New Homepage

Imagine a completely revamped home screen that provides a more intuitive and detailed overview of your system. On the left, you can easily check the connection status to ensure you’re always connected to your e-bike. On the right, you’ll find the total battery level, combining the power of the RANGE EXTENDER and the integrated battery. With a simple touch, you can access the main Dashboard, giving you all the essential information at your fingertips!

Maximum Customization with the Dashboard

But the real highlight of this new version is the fully customizable Dashboard! By selecting “Start Dashboard” from the homepage, you’ll enter a world of possibilities. You can choose the parameters that interest you the most. Among these are average speed, total remaining range, the user-to-motor power ratio, altitude data (provided by Google services), and many more parameters that we invite you to discover!

You can explore a wide range of parameters and observe how the Dashboard transforms, providing a unique visual representation tailored to your preferences. And if you change your mind or want to make configuration changes, fear not. You can do it as many times as you wish. It’s your cycling experience, customized to your liking.

Continuity of Key Features

Diagnostics Management: In the previous version of the App, you already had the ability to perform a comprehensive system check and generate a detailed report. This function significantly simplifies the analysis of your system’s health and performance, all directly from the App!

Firmware Management: The functionality for verifying and updating firmware for each component of the system remains unchanged in this new version. This ensures that the motor operates at peak performance levels, guaranteeing not only efficient but also incredibly smooth rides.

The Future is Now: Download the FSA SYSTEM App

Finally, you no longer have to wait to experience these exciting updates. You can download the final version of the FSA SYSTEM App and take full control of your NOKO e-bike! Oh, we almost forgot… it’s available for both iOS and Android!

To download the FSA SYSTEM App for iOS, simply click HERE.
Android users can download it with a simple click HERE.


The Android/iOS smartphone FSA System App enables almost entirely automatic firmware updates for the FSA system. Before using the app to update your NOKO e-bike system, we recommend adhering these guidelines!

It is essential to connect your smartphone to a stable Wi-Fi network and ensure the battery of your smartphone has a remaining charge of over 70%. Additionally, it is strongly recommended to fully charge the e-bike before initiating the system update procedure, in order to avoid any errors during the update process. We recommend not pressing the power button during the firmware update procedure, as it could interrupt the update and potentially damage the system.

Thanks to the latest update of the FSA e-SYSTEM App, your rides with NOKO are now more personalized than ever. So, don’t hesitate to download or update the App now. Go, explore, and enjoy an extraordinary riding experience!


To address any questions or obtain additional information please consult out FAQs or contact us at


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