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4 reasons Why a NOKO e-bike is the perfect Christmas gift to surprise someone special

Christmas is around the corner, and like every year the dilemma is always the same: which present to give? Finding the right gift becomes more and more complex, and it is definitely not easy to find original gift ideas. If you want to surprise someone special with a unique and unexpected gift, this Christmas might be the perfect time to gift an electric bicycle as a present.

Purchasing an electric bicycle as a gift conveys a feeling of independence, freedom, and joy to those who receive it. And why not, we could also purchase it as a gift to ourselves, and finally get that e-bike model we’ve been wanting for a while. Therefore, let’s see some reasons why an electric bicycle is the perfect Christmas gift!


– Makes the recipient happy

Imagine Christmas Day, the look on the recipient’s face as he/she opens the box and discovers a brand-new electric bicycle. The excitement of those who can’t wait to ride around on their new e-bike!


The Christmas season is the perfect time to enjoy time with family and with the people we love most. How nice would it be to ride a bicycle all together, ride around and stop to get a hot chocolate, and breathe the magical atmosphere of Christmas while strolling through the festively decorated city? Christmas is a magical time and cycling together is one of those experiences that create unforgettable memories.


– It is good for the body and mind

We all know that cycling has many benefits. Nowadays, we spend most of our time indoors, most likely behind an office desk. Cycling is a great way to clear your mind from thoughts and at the same time do some physical exercise to keep fit.

Cycling is good for the mood, like all sports, it stimulates the production of endorphins, which give rise to a pleasant feeling of well-being. That’s why cycling to work, for example, gives us the right energy to face the day.

At the same time, riding a bicycle allows you to relax because by doing so you choose to dedicate time to yourself. It makes you independent, but at the same time conveys a sense of belonging to the cycling community.


– A gift that combines the useful and the delightful

If you are looking for that perfect present that lasts and keeps on giving, something that the person will use and that will most likely benefit from it more than any other gift, an electric bicycle will certainly be the perfect gift.

A city e-bike will be the ideal companion for urban travel or to go to work, but also for wandering around the city. If, on the other hand, your objective is to surprise a person who loves to connect to nature and challenge himself, a gravel e-bike will fulfill the desire for adventures.

The electric bicycle is transportation, is independence, and it is something to have fun with individually or in good company, during all seasons of the year. Even in winter, you can ride a bike without suffering from the cold of freezing winter days. Just wear the proper clothing to avoid the risk of getting cold (you can discover our tips here). Then spring will come and the days will get longer. And without even realizing it will already be summer, the ideal season for trips to the park or a picnic to relax outdoors and unplug from everyday life.

Of course, it is true that giving an e-bike as a gift is a real investment. But the look of happiness of those receiving it will be worth every penny!


– It is cost-effective and sustainable

Pedaling boosts your mood, and makes you feel more physically fit. These are not the only main perks of riding an e-bike there is also the ethical aspect because it conveys the feeling of doing something for the environment since it is a zero-impact vehicle. For example, if you decide to use your bicycle to go to work, you will help the environment by cutting the CO2 emissions from driving a car.

You will feel great, as well as you will save on the expenses for fuel, insurance, and car maintenance which in the long run, will be much more expensive than the investment of an electric bicycle. Still have doubts about why gifting an electric bicycle is the perfect gift?


– Which NOKO e-bike to gift for Christmas?

Here things get a little complicated… but don’t panic! If you are thinking of giving an electric bicycle as a gift to someone special, you will surely know their habits and preferences as well. In fact, the choice of the e-bike model depends on the type of use.

If the recipient of the gift is someone who can commute to work or school, surely a city e-bike will suit his needs more. This type of e-bike is also perfectly suited to those who love cycling in their free time to relax and ease the increasingly frenetic pace of every day. In this case, our advice is to take a look at the City NOKOFORZA and NOKOTEMPO models, being super light (14.2 kg), they are ideal for daily commuting. Plus, thanks to the quiet, clean, and maintenance-free belt drive, they are comfortable and practical to drive!

Otherwise, if the lucky one is a sporty type, someone who loves the fast pace ride on the road but also off-road adventures, a gravel e-bike is ideal for having fun and pushing the limits. Without a doubt, the Gravel NOKOVULCANO is an ideal gift for satisfying the thirst for adventure and achieving maximum performance in combination with the carbon wheels and the five levels of assistance available. With a single charge, you can travel up to 100 km, and by adding the extra 252Wh of the extra battery the fun is exactly twice over!

If you make a purchase now from the website you still have time to order a NOKO e-bike as a gift this year for Christmas. Check our delivery times or ask our customer support team. What are you waiting for?!


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