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Smart Display GPS/SPEED/KM

Compact design - Intuitive interface

NOKOBLAZE is available for pre-order only, requiring a 30% down payment via bank transfer. Deliveries will start after 10 weeks from payment.

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NOKO closed frame is synonymous of high performance and comfort on the road. Also, thanks to our frame design, getting on and off your bike will be a breeze.
Shimano DEORE 1x10s
Business during the week, fun on the weekend! Thanks to the Shimano DEORE 10 speed, all the comfort of the city bike can now we also enjoyed on natural paths thanks to the chain drive system, which allows for a more versatile riding style.
Modern handlebar with integrated display shows battery status, speed, distance, and more, ensuring you have all the information you need for a safe and enjoyable ride!
Position Lights
LED handlebars on e-bikes increase safety by illuminating paths during nighttime rides. As cities get more congested, e-bikes, known for their eco-friendly nature and advanced features, including LED handlebars, are becoming a favored mode of transport, combining sustainability with modern design.
Truckrun M06 250W
We have managed to combine comfort and agility, typical of standard bikes, with the performance and safety of one of the best mid-drive electric motors on the market.
You will be able to manage the entire e-system very easily. Select the different assistance levels, check the battery charge status, and manage the power on and off of the e-bike. All at the touch of a button!
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7000 alluminium alloy

Double the distance

Samsung 670Wh battery


powerful and smooth

Shimano DEORE 10s

tackling roads or climbs with 1x10s

what a battery

Embark on a ride like no other with the trailblazing Samsung 670Wh e-bike battery - Europe's mightiest powerhouse! Teamed up with the robust and seamless Truckrun mid-drive motor, there's no path you can't conquer. Unleash the full force of this dynamic duo as you effortlessly cruise through any terrain your heart desires. From winding trails to city streets, the possibilities are endless with this unbeatable combination. Embrace the freedom of boundless exploration and let the Samsung 670Wh and Truckrun motor take you on an electrifying journey of pure exhilaration!

Shimano DEORE 1x10 Groupset

Unleash the true adventurer within you with the Shimano Deore 1x10s groupset. Paired with the powerful Truckrun mid-drive motor and a feather-light design, there's no boundary you can't conquer. Experience the thrill of seamless rides as the innovative Shimano crankset ensures a whisper-quiet and rock-solid performance, guaranteeing unmatched chain retention like never before. Prepare to push past your limits and embrace the freedom of limitless exploration!

Integrated LED handlebars

Integrated LED handlebars on e-bikes enhance safety, illuminating paths during nighttime rides and increasing visibility. As cities become more congested, e-bikes, with their eco-friendly nature and advanced features like LED handlebars, are emerging as a preferred mode of transport, blending sustainability with modern design.



Choosing the right frame size is crucial to guarantee driving in comfort and to enjoy your rides. We have studied a size guide system to assist you to find the right bike size for you, by simply taking into consideration your height.


Size S: A: 460 mm, R: 411.9 mm, S: 530.2 mm

The following size is recommended for heights up to 170 cm.


Size M: A: 520 mm, R: 418.8 mm, S: 539.7 mm

The following size is recommended for heights between 170 cm and 180 cm.


Size L: A: 580 mm, R: 425.7 mm, S: 549.3 mm

The following size is recommended for heights between 180 cm and 210 cm.

If based on your measurements you are able to choose between two sizes, the smaller size bike will guarantee a more comfortable ride, while the larger size will give you a sportier, more aerodynamic ride.

If you are not sure what size is right for you, ask for assistance from our Customer Care team!


7000 aluminium alloy
Shimano DEORE 10s
tackling roads or climbs with 1x10s
Braking system
Hydraulic disc brakes
powerful and smooth
Double the distance
Samsung 670Wh battery
Charging Time
fully charged in 4h

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Your NOKO will arrive 80% assembled

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No. 6 hex key

No. 4 hex key

No. 15 wrench

Lithium grease

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Front LED light

Rear LED Light

Battery charger

Battery charger