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Range Extender battery of 252 Wh, you can have up to 100Km of extra range

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Range Extender

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From € 166.58/month


NOKO closed frame is synonymous of high performance and comfort on the road. Also, thanks to our step-thru frame design, getting on and off your bike will be a breeze.
Steer with easiness and comfort, the handlebar optimizes your riding performance. NOKO gives you the opportunity to choose the handlebars that most suit your riding style for unparalleled riding comfort. Flat, Riser, or Flexbar the choice is only yours.
Position Lights
Your safety is our priority. NOKO includes powerful approved LED position lights both front and rear, so you can ride safely both day and night.
VEER Split Belt™ Drive
Pedaling in the city will be extremely quiet, comfortable and safe, thanks to its high breaking strength. There is a wide world out there and NOKO is ready to explore it with you.
FSA System HM 1.0
We have managed to combine comfort and agility, typical of standard bikes, with the performance and safety of one of the best electric motors on the market.
You will be able to manage the entire e-system very easily. Select the different assistance levels, check the battery charge status, and manage the power on and off of the e-bike. All at the touch of a button!
Ready to ride
Each NOKO is delivered fully assembled and tested before shipping. The Welcome Kit includes all the necessary tools for the complete set-up in a few minutes.
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14,2 kg

lightweight and agile

Double the distance

up to 200km with the Range Extender

FSA System HM 1.0

powerful and smooth

VEER carbon Split Belt™

silent and maintenance-free

Riding Comfortably

NOKOTEMPO is the lightest commuting e-bike that you were waiting for. Considering the step-through frame, it facilitates the movement when you hop on and go, and hop off when your ride is over. The combination with the Riser handlebar improves your riding position and allows for a more comfortable riding experience.

VEER Split Belt™ Drive

Born to overcome the standard and go beyond every limit, with NOKO everything is much tranquil. Pedaling in the city will be extremely quiet, comfortable, and safe, especially thanks to the high breaking strength and efficiency of the carbon Split Belt™. The Veer tensioner will always keep the belt in tension, and it allows you to take the rear wheel on and off in a moment, through the single locking pin. There is a world out there ready to be discovered, and NOKO is ready to explore it with you.

BARAMIND Flexbar Technology

Get the maximum control and steering comfort during your journey with NOKO, through the integration of the unique Flexbar Technology with the Baramind handlebars. Specially engineered to absorb shocks and smooth out vibrations, riding on potholes, cobblestones, or bumpy roads won't be a limit anymore.



Choosing the right frame size is crucial to guarantee driving in comfort and to enjoy your rides. We have studied a size guide system to assist you to find the right bike size for you, by simply taking into consideration your height.


Size S: A: 460 mm, R: 411.9 mm, S: 530.2 mm

The following size is recommended for heights up to 170 cm.


Size M: A: 520 mm, R: 418.8 mm, S: 539.7 mm

The following size is recommended for heights between 170 cm and 180 cm.

If based on your measurements you are able to choose between two sizes, the smaller size bike will guarantee a more comfortable ride, while the larger size will give you a sportier, more aerodynamic ride.

If you are not sure what size is right for you, ask for assistance from our Customer Care team!


7000 aluminium alloy
VEER carbon fiber Split Belt drive
Braking system
Hydraulic disc brakes
FSA HM 1.0 250W - Brushless DC
Battery autonomy
Up to 100km range
Charging Time
fully charged in 4h

What’s inside the box?

Your NOKO will arrive fully assembled!

Welcome Kit


No. 6 hex key

No. 4 hex key

No. 15 wrench

Lithium grease

Additional Parts




Special Gift


Front LED light

Rear LED Light

Battery charger

Battery charger