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Magazine – 19 JUNE 2022

NOKO: You have surely heard of this new brand, that this year has entered strongly into the e-mobility and e-gravel sector with very interesting proposals.


Once I unboxed the package, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that NOKOVULCANO is already assembled and supplied with everything! Just get the e-bike out of the box, loosen the screws of the stem, and align the handlebars. That’s it, you are ready to go! Further note: the pedals are also provided, in case you do not have them; this little detail allows you to have everything, absolutely everything, to leave instantly!

Unboxing NOKO is really quick and easy! The rider does not have to worry about any special assemblies. Customizations are quick and easy, and even the savviest riders can have fun customizing their NOKO (tubeless kit, etc.) even afterward so that the rider can enjoy the first ride exactly 10 minutes after receiving the e-bike. Great idea!


Definitely a coincidence but once on the e-bike the saddle’s height was already perfect for me, so I never felt the need to change the excursion of the seat tube, and I found the right setting instantly on the Prologo Akero AGX saddle; to be emphasized immediately that it was very comfortable, even during the journey at the limit of battery life (those declared 100 km). In this regard, the standard Prologo bar tape is comfortable and well made.

The handlebar for NOKOVULCANO has interesting geometries, in the attack position the rider’s weight is projected forward but not too much, and it transmits great confidence and great control. It takes very little effort to give fast and accurate changes of direction.

Our first ride was also the right time to become familiar with the luminous information that reports to the rider about the assistance levels and remaining battery. The NOKOVULCANO is characterized by a minimal and very clean design that also can be observed in the power-on button of the FSA system, which acts as a warning light to view the assistance level selected and the remaining battery level, all in the same button.

By holding down the button, the NOKOVULCANO hub motor turns on: if the light is steady green we have both the lowest assistance level (ECO) and also an indication that the battery level is between 100% and 80%.


At the end of the test, the conclusions that we draw about NOKOVULCANO are…

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