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Easter weekend is coming… Get on your bike and free your mind!

The Easter weekend is undoubtedly one of the best opportunities of the year to spend time outdoors and free your mind. You could use these three days to discover new places you’ve added to the list of places to see for a while. On the other hand, the warm spring sun awakens nature after winter hibernation and with it also our desire for new adventures. What better way to welcome the Spring than by bike? Even better if by e-bike, thanks to the pedal assist nothing can stop you!

If you’re thinking of spending the Easter weekend by bike, don’t be unprepared! Follow our advice to make the most of your time in full relaxation and not run into small inconveniences. 

Choose the right clothes

Cycling in a cool spring day is what you need to regenerate and revitalize every cell of our body! But one should not be fooled by the spring breeze. On the other hand, you know, the weather is a little unstable in spring. The days when the sun shines high in the sky can be suddenly interrupted by the turbulent wind and rain. This is why it is good to be prepared for sudden climate change, especially when you are on a long journey. 

maglietta intima sportiva

For the Easter weekend by bike our advice is to dressing in layers! Wear breathable technical jerseys that promote the rapid elimination of sweat that should not remain in contact with the skin for too long. Bring a vest or wind and rain jacket with you to keep you warm and protected. And even if the weather forecast says otherwise, better always have gloves and a hat on hand! You may need it unexpectedly. Now you are almost ready to jump on your bike and enjoy the spring sun! But be careful: remember to protect your skin from UV rays! Even if the sun is still shy, we should not underestimate the negative effects it can have on our skin if we do not protect it with a sunscreen.

Get your bike ready

The most daring cyclists will not have given up their bikes even on the coldest winter days. But if instead, your e-bike has been in the garage for a few months, it is good to make a setup! In general, a check of all the components is what you need before each outing with your e-bike. This is a good practice to prevent problems that may arise during the journey and create some discomfort. But especially after a long period of inactivity is good to pay attention to all the components of your bike, paying particular attention to some parts. You will find all the complete tips here

Inspect the brake system

Before starting with the use of the bicycle in the spring, first check the correct functioning of the brake system. Better not take the risk of getting into trouble on the way! From a first inspection of the levers and pads you will realize if something is wrong. But beware: only an experienced mechanic can perform the necessary operations to adjust the braking system of your e-bike! 

Check the tire pressure

Check the tire pressure: after months of unused tires will definitely deflate! You can check by pressing your thumb on the clincher: if there is no resistance you must bring them to the right pressure! This factor is important not only to ensure excellent road holding and avoid punctures. But tires deflated or with low pressure increase the friction and consequently the absorption of the battery. 

Charge up the battery

In this regard, the battery of your e-bike is the energy that powers your adventures! Fully recharge the battery before leaving for the weekend. In the following days or as you go on tour, make sure you have enough battery power before a new hike. Typically, e-bikes have a range of 60 to 100 km, depending on the battery capacity.

With NOKO e-bikes you can travel up to 100 km, which can decrease if you are constantly using a medium-high assisted pedaling level and depending on the type of route.  useful tips to prepare your e-bike before (re)leaving for the Easter weekend.  

Pack your bags

When you have to go on a long journey you need to bring with you everything you need! Bike bags are undoubtedly the best solution for long trips, but there are other options. If you decide to go backpacking, do some tests first to see if you can bear the weight of the backpack on your shoulders. Even if it is not too heavy, it may bother you, so you should check in advance not to ruin your trip. 

Other more convenient solutions to the backpack are frame bags and classic panniers bags. The decision essentially depends on the type of travel and the amount of luggage you want to bring with you. Frame bags can be attached directly to the frame and do not require luggage racks or other fastening systems. On the contrary, classic pannier require the prior assembly of luggage racks but are more capacious. In short, the choice is purely subjective! We suggest you not to take too much stuff with you but just the essentials to avoid adding too much weight!

Now that you are ready for cycling on Easter weekend, share your adventures with us and tag us in your social media posts! We can’t wait to see all the amazing places you reach riding your NOKO e-bike! And if you’re still looking for the perfect new e-bike for spring, check out our range of e-bikes or ask the expert’s advice by contacting the NOKO Customer Care team.


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