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NOKO is available to customers to provide custom solutions for any requirement, guaranteeing total coverage for any lack of conformity. It will be our priority to replace or repair any product (or component) that is found to be defective in the course of normal use.

In case of return within 30 days from delivery, it is necessary to return the NOKO in the original box, with the complete packaging, including all the products received with it.

In case of warranty claims, it is recommended to ship the NOKO to our facility with the original box, to assure secure transportation.

It’s extremely important to us that your bike is always in top-condition and that you are completely satisfied with it.

The terms of this warranty are described below:

NOKO guarantees all the products distributed on, during the legal warranty period starting from the moment of purchase, for any lack of conformity. This warranty is applicable to the original purchaser of the product, who will be entitled, in the event of an actual finding of a lack of conformity, to the repair or/and replacement of the defective product.

The warranty is subject to the final decision of our technicians regarding the nature of the lack of conformity of the product, following a study of the piece in question.

  • How long does my NOKO warranty last?

NOKO products are covered by a 2-year legal warranty. In addition, with our conventional warranty included, the frame and fork of your e-bike are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase, completely free at no additional cost. It is important to us that your bike is always in top condition and that you are completely satisfied with it.

  • How can I contact the assistance service?

To take advantage of the legal warranty within 2 years from the date of purchase, contact NOKO Customer Service at asking for the product to be repaired or, if the product is not repairable, to request a replacement. If you made the purchase as an entrepreneur and/or professional, the legal warranty will last for only 1 year.

  • When is the warranty not applicable?

The warranty  is not applicable in any case to breakages or defects deriving from negligent use of the bicycle, from the assembly of other non-original accessories, from handling or inadequate maintenance. In any case, this warranty doesn’t cover the habitual wear and tear of the perishable elements of the product.

The warranty is not applicable in any case to components of the electrical system that have been disassembled or have undergone modifications to alter their original functions.

Due to the danger about the use of a bicycle, both on the road and in the mountains, and the physical risks deriving from its use, this warranty refers only to the replacement of non-compliant elements and in any case doesn’t cover personal damage that may derive. In case of an accident, regardless of who causes it, the NOKO warranty is completely void.

  • What is not covered by the warranty?

Damages caused by falls, collisions, electrical surges, bad care and arbitrary manipulation, even partial, of the electrical and mechanical parts are not recognized under warranty.

Specifically, the warranty is not valid for the following reasons:

  • No adjustment of mechanical parts (gearbox, brakes, saddle, handlebar, pedals, etc.)
  • Tires due to accidental puncture or breakage.
  • Natural wear of materials: tires, brakes, hydraulic hoses, cables and cable housings, tie rods, springs, seals, pedals, transmission unit, wheel spokes, bearings, grips, handlebar tapes.
  • Improper use by the rider (rent, rental, competitions or typical conditions of excessive use, overload, off-road, etc.)
  • Natural decrease of the battery capacity over time.
  • Tampering or incorrect repairs carried out by unauthorized third parties.
  • Damages resulting from shock, fall or collision.
  • Failures caused by wrong use that doesn’t comply with the notes contained in the NOKO user manual, that can be downloaded when purchasing the e-bike.
  • In particular: unprotected products from the weather in daily storage and, in particular, no longer functional due to humidity; structural failures that denote use with a weight greater than the maximum allowed; failures caused by inexperience or poor maintenance.
  • Damages caused by poor care or reported after the warranty expires.
  • Damages due to transport carried out by the customer. In case of receipt of damaged shipment by the courier, the Customer must report it immediately using the “Contact Us” system through the following link.
  • How do I claim my warranty coverage?

To request the warranty coverage, you can contact our Customer Care through the following link or contact us directly by email at, in order to receive the appropriate instructions to exercise the rights of the warranty.

  • What happens if the product cannot be repaired?

If the repair is not possible, NOKO guarantees the replacement of the product within the terms set by the Warranty. The non-compliant product will be replaced with an equivalent one or, if this is not possible for stock reasons, with another product of equal quality and performance.

  • Is the warranty valid only for the first purchaser?

The warranty is applicable only to the actual first-owner of the e-bike, indicated in the specific section during the purchase and registration phase.

Therefore, this warranty is not transferable to future owners. To exercise the right of this warranty, you must provide a copy of the bicycle purchase document (purchase invoice or order confirmation email).

  • Are FSA branded products covered by a Warranty?

Our priority is your satisfaction! For all FSA branded components, electric and other, assembled in NOKO e-bikes, such as the motor, battery, wheels, etc., the assistance service will be provided by FSA service centers listed on this page: For any doubt, you can contact us using the contact details in the section Support.


• Motor

• Intube battery

• Button LED

• Button cover LED

• Charging socket

• Charger

• Wheels

• Range Extender

• Bottom bracket

• Crankset

• Motor

• Intube battery

• Button LED

• Button cover LED

• Charging socket

• Charger

• Wheels

• Range Extender


  • What specifically are the FSA components of my NOKO?

You can find in detail the list of FSA components installed in your NOKO below.

In case of problems with one of the following components, don’t worry, as the NOKO staff will manage your assistance request and resolve it as quickly as possible!

  • What does NOKO do in the cases covered by the Warranty?

NOKO will promptly replace the defective product with a similar product in type and quality, or repair, or refund the purchase price (upon presentation of the product purchase receipt), at its discretion. For the replacement of non-defective components, the owner will be contacted to authorize the replacement.

  • How can I track the status of my Warranty claim?

For all questions relating to the status of your warranty request (deadlines, explanations, availability, etc.), the reference contact is NOKO’s Customer Care service. After starting the warranty process, you can request the status of your case via email.

In order to illustrate the different steps of a warranty process, 2 different graphs are shown below:

  • Warranty process for NOKO products


  •  Warranty process for other products


*da realizzare graficamente i due box.

  • Send your warranty request in 4 simple steps!
  1. Send your request for legal warranty claims by clicking the following link or sending a detailed email to
  2. After verifying and approving your request, we will send you all the specifications to be able to carry out the shipment or any direct delivery to the courier during the collection phase.
  3. Pack the bicycle (or accessories) securely inside its box (click here to view the packaging tutorial), apply the shipping label on the box and deliver the package to the courier.
  4. As soon as we have inspected your NOKO, we will contact you to agree together on how to proceed.

Remember that the return must be made in a single shipment and never in separate shipments under penalty of forfeiture of the right itself.


In addition to the normal 2-year legal warranty, NOKO offers a premium 5-year warranty on all frames and forks.

2 YEARS by law5 YEARS offered by NOKO

For us it’s really important that our customer is always fully satisfied with the purchased product. For this reason we have decided to offer a premium 5-year warranty on the frame and fork for all NOKO bicycles.

– Valid for the first owner.
– Only for manufacturing and material defects.
– Processing, shipping and customs costs (if applicable) to be agreed in relation to the problem encountered.
– Offered directly by NOKO.
– Valid only for the first owner.
– Exclusive coverage of NOKO frame and fork only.
– Costs of processing, shipping and customs (if applicable) to be paid by the owner.

Do you want to know more about the NOKO PREMIUM Warranty? Click here to go to the dedicated page.

  • Send your request for assistance under the legal / premium warranty by clicking the button below (the link will redirect you directly to the warranty request form).
  • *Remember, the warranty is valid only on the 1st actual owner of the e-bike, indicated at the time of purchase.
  • After carefully checking and approving your request, our Support team will send you all the specifications regarding the shipment and the status of your warranty request.
  • Always remember to pack the bicycle (or accessories) with extreme care and safety inside the specific box. In case of damages caused during transport, the responsibility doesn’t fall on NOKO.
    *Any package damaged during transport will be refused to allow the customer to start a recourse procedure against the courier.
  • As soon as our technical staff has carefully inspected your bicycle, we will contact you to agree together on the best procedure for a timely resolution of the problem.

PREMIUM warranty: if the item (to be replaced) is no longer available in stock, you will receive a different color or a superior model, upon notification by our department.